Direct Service Worker (DSW)

The primary responsibilities of the Direct Support Workers (DSW) are to teach and support individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities how to live as independently as possible in a home and community setting.

Every person in your care must be treated with dignity and respect and engaged in a kindly, encouraging and supportive manner that teaches, assists and supports an individual in carrying out day-to-day activities.

– Must be 18 years of age or older
– High school diploma or GED, preferred
– Have 3 work related references
– Pass a criminal background check
– Must read, write, speak and understand English
– Good physical and mental health, neat, clean, well-groomed and responsible
– Must be able to squat, reach, and stretch without distress.
– Must be able to tolerate extended periods of standing/walking

– Attend and participate in orientation, training, education activities and staff meetings
– Teach/assist with daily personal care, hygiene, health, nutrition, exercise, etc.
– Monitor/assist routine body functions, such as bowel and bladder care.
– Engage consumer in appropriate recreational interests on a weekly basis.
– Teach/assist with routine household chores like shopping, cooking and cleaning.
– Teach/assist consumer with money management and making a realistic budget.
– Teach/assist consumer in keeping clothes clean and orderly.
– Monitor/assist consumer with medications and knowing their side effects.
– Teach/assist consumer in use of public transportation, or provide transportation.
– Assist consumer with medical appointments (provide transportation as needed)
– Write clear and accurate daily entries about the individual’s activities and behaviors, daily log sheets, data sheets, and in the staff communication log

– Report changes in a resident’s condition and needs immediately to Supervisor.
– Perform, teach and document on monthly fire drills.
– Teach consumer the “Right of the Month” and document level of understanding.
– Report to work on time and appropriately dressed.
– Find a replacement for your shift if you are unable to work. Notify Lead Staff of your need to find a replacement.
– DSWs are not allowed to have visitors while working.
– Other duties as required/assigned.